Coeur Bleu, Social Media content creation


The Coeur Bleu brand is a hypothetical product created from the alliance between Marion Martín and the plastic artist and fashion designer Jerome Dubois. The perfume is described as an elegant yet casual fragrance with a floral sensation.

For this particular project it was required to carry out a short campaign for Instagram to «Dress» the feed with «minimalist-surrealist» photographs, since 3D is a very popular trend in the world of design these days, it was proposed to make a compilation of 9 images rendered in 3D to publish one per day. In search of attracting the attention of artists and opening opportunities for new public relations.


As a first requirement to start making the graphic material, it was necessary to make the three-dimensional model of the perfume, using modeling techniques and 3D material design, then from an analysis of the brand identity together with the state of the competition, a guiding motive to define the aesthetics of the campaign components.

We created a compendium of 9 images that will inspire the elegance and beauty that Coeur Bleu represents.

diciembre 25, 2020