Sendo Soda, Product Design and Graphic Design

Sendo (鮮 度) is a hypothetical soda of Japanese origins that needed to be designed from scratch and create an advertising campaign that would serve both for Japan and for English-speaking western countries, the main peculiarity of this drink was that it was based on exotic and traditional Japanese flavors such as peach, mint and matcha. Since this project is about a new product, it is necessary to create a brand identity, a convincing presentation and an advertising campaign that helps the product to position itself around the competition.

A complete branding Project

To start working with Sendo we first dedicated to the creation of their brand, we wanted it to be dynamic and fresh and to serve both in Japan and the West while not challenging much the expectations that people have of a soda, then we proceeded to create the design of the label for the cans, based on pop culture as well as accentuating the cultural origins of the drink, for this our artists created two proposals both based on the waves and the sun that are symbols commonly associated with the land of the world. Rising Sun, one of them in particular was an original art inspired by Hokusai’s painting whose paintings match the demands of being traditional as well as Pop.

Then it was necessary to present the product in some way, we agreed that the most efficient and versatile way to achieve it would be through a three-dimensional model that would allow us to have total control of the product’s photography process with photo-realistic renders, then we proceeded to model and texture the can using Blender and produced the necessary graphic material to start the advertising campaign.

Sendo Can Sendo Resource
Sendo Can Sendo Resource
Sendo Can Sendo Resource

Media Production

As any campaign it was necessary to produce media for general consume such as posters and photographs were created as part of the advertising campaign that can be used in different media such as social networks and public spaces.

Sendo Can Sendo Resource

In conclusion, although this project was simple at first glance, it turned out to have a series of challenges that would not have been possible to solve without the efforts of a multidisciplinary and experienced team. To achieve the objectives of any advertising campaign it is necessary to set clear objectives and have the means to carry them out, it is important to take the least amount of risks possible

«The success of any advertising campaign depends on the establishment of extremely clear goals as well as the coordination of resources in the hands of professionals who have the experience and technical skills to achieve it. If any of these elements fail the risk factor is too much.»

diciembre 25, 2020